Community Life in Somalia


Caruur Soomaaliyeed Oo Wax La BaroNew Generation

With a population of 8 million people, Somalia is located in eastern Africa. The climate is principally desert, yet the largest economic sector is agriculture, mainly livestock. The country could have a lot to offer, but the people are suffering.

Somalia has been in a state of turmoil since a civil war erupted in 1991. Northern clans have declared their territory an independent republic of Somaliland. Other clans have declared their regions to be autonomous. As numerous factions still fight for control of Mogadishu, no central government exists in Somalia.

Approximately 1 million people have been injured, displaced, or killed during the past 18 years. There is no electricity or access to clean water. As warlords roam the countryside, the people of Somalia are divided. These are the conditions that some Somalians escape when they come to the United States as refugees.