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The Hiiraan University Fund Raising Project

The Hiiraan University Fund Raising Project


Hiiraan University will be soon be a reality, The Universtiy was conceived two years ago but constrution was put on hold because of lack of funding and the unstable enviroment. Building is back on track , and the University is scheduled to be complete in January 2009 . The campus which will be located in Beledweyne, Somalia will feature eight teaching and learning classrooms, an administrative center, a multi-purpose hall, a staff room, library services, and other accessories. There are also future plans to accommodate labs, multimedia production facility, sports facilities, and a computerized system which will enable staff and students to have access to online resources. The faculty of agriculture is scheduled to admit 50 – 100 undergraduate Somali Nationals in January, 2009.

A Hiiraan University fund raising ceremony, the first of its kind, was held at the Loews Denver Hotel in Denver, Colorado State on October 08, 2005. All segments of the Somali Community of Colorado have attended the event. Members of the religious, intellectual, youth, women and community leaders, have spoken at the event. As expected more than $15,000 (fifteen thousand dollar) was raised. Insha Allahu (God Willing) the fund raising project of the Hiiraan University will continue throughout the United States and the rest of the world.On behalf of the Hiiraan University Foundation, Professor Ahmed M. Warfa of Utah, the keynote speaker at the fund-raising acknowledged the unfailing effort of the Somali community of Colorado for the good gesture.

Hiiraan University continues to rely on donations to help complete the project.
Inquires/Notifications of donations of test books(medical, science, arts), materials, money or time could be directed to:

Chief Fundraiser:
Professor Ahmed Warfaa

Bashir Duale